About ASF


To exchange views and information among the securities industry in the Asia-Pacific region and to contribute to the development of securities markets and economic growth in the region.


ASF was established in 1995, based on an initiative by the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

ASF Bali Declaration on Commitment to SDGs

On November 2, 2018, representatives of the members of the Asia Securities Forum (ASF) officially adopted the Bali Declaration on Commitment to SDGs at the 23rd ASF Annual General Meeting.

ASF Bali Declaration on Commitment to SDGs (Full Text)

Press Release

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held annually for three days (including a preliminary meeting) in major cities of the region to discuss issues in which main players in securities markets have a keen interest.

The AGM agenda consists of keynote speeches by guest speakers, three or four panel discussions and market reports. During panel discussions, all participants exchange views on the issues raised by the panel after three or four panelists have made presentations.

Year Venue
1st 1995 Tokyo
2nd 1996 Seoul
3rd 1997 Manila
4th 1998 Kobe
5th 1999 Taipei
6th 2000 Tokyo
7th 2001 Bangkok
8th 2002 Beijing
9th 2004 Bali
10th 2005 Kyoto
11th 2006 Seoul
12th 2007 Cebu
13th 2008 Hong Kong
14th 2009 Sydney
15th 2010 Beijing
16th 2011 Osaka
17th 2012 Mumbai
18th 2013 Taipei
19th 2014 Bangkok
20th 2015 Seoul
21st 2016 Manila
22nd 2017 Tokyo
23rd 2018 Bali