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Annual General Meeting

The 15th ASF Annual General Meeting in Beijing in September 2010

Market report

Country Report Presentation
Australia PDF Approx: 550KB PDF Approx: 301KB
China PDF Approx: 277KB PDF Approx: 189KB
Chinese Taipei PDF Approx: 1015KB PDF Approx: 1257KB
Hong Kong - PDF Approx: 761KB
India PDF Approx: 790KB -
Indonesia PDF Approx: 330KB PDF Approx: 334KB
Japan PDF Approx: 400KB PDF Approx: 148KB
Korea PDF Approx: 1771KB PDF Approx: 505KB
New Zealand - PDF Approx: 133KB
Philippines - PDF Approx: 667KB
Thailand PDF Approx: 480KB PDF Approx: 1278KB
Turkey PDF Approx: 827KB PDF Approx: 1467KB

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion 1: Trends of Global Financial Regulation

  1. Mr. David Love, Director, Policy and International Affairs, Australian Financial Markets Association
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 694KB)
  2. Mr. Alparslan Budak, Assistant Secretary General, The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1069KB)
  3. Mr. Anthony, Espina, Permanent Hon. President, Hong Kong Securities Association
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 82KB)
  4. Mr. Timothy Lin, Chairman of New Financial Products Committee, Chinese Taiwan Securities Association
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 60KB)
  5. Mr. Lloyd Cartwright, Managing Director, Head of NZ Financial Markets Westpac Institutional Bank, New Zealand Financial Markets Association
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 107KB)

Panel Discussion 2: Benefits of Self-Regulation and Its Contribution to Capital Market

  1. Mr. Chen Ziqiang, vice chairman and secretary General, The Securities Association of China
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 181KB)
  2. Mr. Yoshio Okubo, Senior Managing Director & Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO), Japan Securities Dealers Association
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 58KB)
  3. Dr. Chonggrak Rarueysong, President, The Association of Securities Companies of Thailand
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1279KB)