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Annual General Meeting

The 16th ASF Annual General Meeting in Osaka in September 2011

Market report

Country Market Report
Australia PDF Approx: 358KB
China PDF Approx: 274KB
Chinese Taipei PDF Approx: 1994KB
Hong Kong PDF Approx: 352KB
India PDF Approx: 249KB
Indonesia PDF Approx: 185KB
Japan PDF Approx: 208KB
Korea PDF Approx: 835KB
Malaysia PDF Approx: 1191KB
New Zealand PDF Approx: 390KB
Philippines PDF Approx: 447KB
Thailand PDF Approx: 834KB
Turkey PDF Approx: 1124KB
Vietnam PDF Approx: 769KB

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion 1: 'New Regime of Securities Market Regulation: Roles of Industry Associations'

  1. Mr. Yoshio Okubo, Vice Chairman & Senior Managing Director, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 190KB)
  2. Mr. David Lynch, Head of Policy & Markets, Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 240KB)
  3. Mr. Chongrak Rarueysong, President, Association of Securities Companies, Thailand (ASCO)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 387KB)
  4. Mr. Mark Austen, Chief Operating Officer, Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 533KB)

Panel Discussion 2: 'The Future of Investor Education: To Ensure Investors' Confidence'

  1. Mr. Tomoyoshi Uranishi, Senior Executive Officer, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 384KB)
  2. Ms. Geraldine Walsh, Vice President, FINRA Investor Education, and Acting President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1857KB)
  3. Mr. Attila Koksal, Chairman of Association, The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey (TSPAKB)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1453KB)

Panel Discussion 3: 'The Trend in Global Securities Regulation and its Influence in Each Jurisdiction'

  1. Mr. Shinichi Yoshikuni, Senior Advisor, Mizuho Securities
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 504KB)
  2. Mr. Carter McDowell, Legislative Council, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 524KB)
  3. Mr. Kenji Goto, Director for Financial Market Operation, the Financial Services Agency of Japan
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 168KB

Panel Discussion 4: 'Growing Asia: Its Promising Markets'

  1. Mr. Sung-Uk Yang, Director of Research and International Affairs Department, Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1735KB)
  2. Mr. Deng Yingling, Vice Chairman, Securities Association of China (SAC)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 275KB)
  3. Mr. Naresh Maheshwari, President, Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 257KB)
  4. Mr. Tseng Chin-lung, Vice Chairman of International Affairs Committee, Chinese Taiwan Securities Association (CTSA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 618K
  5. Mr. Attila Koksal, Chairman of Association, The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey (TSPAKB)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 932K