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Annual General Meeting

The 19th ASF Annual General Meeting in Bangkok in November 2014

Market report

Country Report Presentation
Australia PDF Approx: 865KB PDF Approx: 602KB
Chinese Taipei PDF Approx: 1062KB PDF Approx: 832KB
Hong Kong PDF Approx: 855KB PDF Approx: 564KB
India PDF Approx: 270KB PDF Approx: 1383KB
Indonesia PDF Approx: 890KB
Japan PDF Approx: 473KB PDF Approx: 405KB
Korea PDF Approx: 845KB PDF Approx: 911KB
Malaysia PDF Approx: 1684KB PDF Approx: 1390KB
Mongolia PDF Approx: 1064KB PDF Approx: 2313KB
New Zealand PDF Approx: 1864KB PDF Approx: 460KB
Philippines PDF Approx: 1521KB
Thailand PDF Approx: 612KB PDF Approx: 836KB
Turkey PDF Approx: 2141KB PDF Approx: 889KB
Vietnam PDF Approx: 962KB

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion 1: Capital Market Trend and Implication on Asia

  1. Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura, Director, Corporate Communication Planning, Japan Exchange Group Inc. Presentation (PDF Approx: 973KB)
  2. Mr. William Angus Kent, Managing Director, Macquarie Securities (Thailand) Ltd. Presentation (PDF Approx: 523KB)

Panel Discussion 2: Rules & Regulation Development Trend

  1. Mr. Alparslan Budak, Assistant Secretary General, Turkish Capital Markets Association Presentation (PDF Approx: 209KB)
  2. Mr. Koichi Ishikura, Chief Officer for International Affairs and Research, Japan Securities Dealers Association Presentation (PDF Approx: 496KB)
  3. Mr. Jeffrey Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities Association Presentation (PDF Approx: 1788KB)
  4. Ms. Tracey Lyons, Head of Policy, Australian Financial Markets Association Presentation (PDF Approx: 356KB)

Panel Discussion 3: The Growing Important of Retail Investors

  1. Mr. Sang Uk Yang, Senior Director, Korea Financial Investment Association Presentation (PDF Approx: 1245KB)
  2. Mr. Dennis Hsu, Director, Taiwan Securities Association Presentation (PDF Approx: 526KB)
  3. Mr. PichetSithi-Amnuai, Director, Association of Thai Securities Companies Presentation (PDF Approx: 770KB)


Seminar 1: Development of GMS Capital Markets

  1. Mr. Hoang Phu Cuong, Director of Securities Business Management Department
    The State Securities Commission of Vietnam. Presentation (PDF Approx: 593KB)
  2. Ms. Saysamone Chanthachack, Deputy Secretary General, Lao Securities Commission OfficePresentation (PDF Approx: 1277KB)
  3. Mr. So Polen, Director of Securities Market Supervision Department, Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia Presentation (PDF Approx: 872KB)
  4. Mr. Yusuke Kawamura, Deputy Chairman, Daiwa Institute of ResearchPresentation (PDF Approx: 226KB)
  5. Ms. Tipsuda Thavaramara, Deputy Secretary-General, Securities and Exchange CommissionPresentation (PDF Approx: 311KB)

Seminar 2: The Role of Exchange in Cross-Border Selling of Investment Products

  1. Dr. Pakorn Peetatawatchai, Executive Vice President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand Presentation (PDF Approx: 271KB)
  2. Ms. Kesara Munchusree, President, The Stock Exchange of ThailandPresentation (PDF Approx: 1309KB)
  3. Mr. Michael Lin, President, Taiwan Stock ExchangePresentation (PDF Approx: 1731KB)
  4. Mr. Tao Xuan, Assistant Director of Global Business Development, Shanghai Stock ExchangePresentation (PDF Approx: 906KB)