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Annual General Meeting

The 21th ASF Annual General Meeting in Manila in November 2016

Keynote Speech

  • Hon. Diwa C. Guinigundo, Deputy Governor for the Monetary Stability Sector, BSP Presentation (PDF Approx: 733KB)

Market report

Country Report Presentation
Asia PDF Approx: 654KB PDF Approx: 844KB
Australia PDF Approx: 340KB PDF Approx: 531KB
Taiwan PDF Approx: 917KB PDF Approx: 321KB
Hong Kong PDF Approx: 822KB PDF Approx: 974KB
India PDF Approx: 1140KB PDF Approx: 340KB
Indonesia PDF Approx: 1697KB
Japan PDF Approx: 839KB PDF Approx: 1232KB
Korea PDF Approx: 754KB PDF Approx: 533KB
Mongolia PDF Approx: 108KB PDF Approx: 2405KB
New Zealand PDF Approx: 769KB PDF Approx: 733KB
Philippines PDF Approx: 385KB PDF Approx: 1587KB
Tahiland PDF Approx: 928KB PDF Approx: 814KB
Thailand PDF Approx: 230KB PDF Approx: 1847KB
Turkey PDF Approx: 1044KB
Vietnam PDF Approx: 985KB

"Asia’s Economic Outlook and Challenges Ahead"

  • Dr. Juzhong Zhuang, Deputy Chief Economist and Deputy Director General, ADB Presentation (PDF Approx: 1332KB)

Panel Discussions I

Expanding Investor Education on Managing Risk vs. Return in Recent Market Environment


  • Ms. Kathryn Edmundson, Executive Director of IFIE Global


  1. Dr. Naresh Maheshwari, Chairman ANMI International Committee Presentation (PDF Approx: 784KB)
  2. Mr. Mushtaq Kapasi, Chief Representative, Asia-Pacific Region, ICMA
  3. Mr, Nguyen Hieu, Head of Supervisory Board, VASB Presentation (PDF Approx: 1786KB)

Panel Discussions II

Sharing Best Practices on Financial Technology


  • Ms. Cathy Yang, Anchor-Managing Editor, ABS-CBN News Channel


  1. Ms. Pattera Dilokrungthirapop, Chairperson, ASCO
  2. Ms. Katerine Kou, Director and Honorary Secretary, HKSA
  3. Mr. Koichi Ishikura, Director, Chief Officer for International Affairs & Research, JSDA Presentation (PDF Approx: 623KB)
  4. Mr. Paul Atmore, Chief Executive Officer, NZFMA Presentation (PDF Approx: 612KB)

Panel Discussions III

Fairness of Regulation to Market Intermediaries and its Global Trends


  • Ms. Cathy Yang, Anchor-Managing Editor, ABS-CBN News Channel


  1. Mr. Rob Colquhoun, Director Policy, AFMA Presentation (PDF Approx: 359KB)
  2. Mr. Swatantra Kumar Rustagi, National President, ANMI Presentation (PDF Approx: 454KB)
  3. Mr. Sung Uk Yang, Senior Director, KOFIA