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Annual General Meeting

The 22th ASF Annual General Meeting in Tokyo in November 2017

Keynote / Guest Speech

  • Mr. Takao Ochi, State Minister for Financial Services

Keynote Presentation

Asian economy and capital market overview

  • Dr. Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Presentation (PDF Approx: 4.89MB)

Market report

Country Report Presentation
Asia PDF Approx: 543KB PDF Approx: 802KB
Asia PDF Approx: 563KB PDF Approx: 604KB
Australia PDF Approx: 391KB PDF Approx: 60KB
China PDF Approx: 127KB PDF Approx: 818KB
Taiwan PDF Approx: 476KB PDF Approx: 5.87MB
Hong Kong PDF Approx: 967KB PDF Approx: 744KB
India PDF Approx: 201KB PDF Approx: 3.56MB
Indonesia PDF Approx: 2.45MB
Iran PDF Approx: 924KB PDF Approx: 2.34MB
Japan PDF Approx: 698KB PDF Approx: 940KB
Korea PDF Approx: 528KB PDF Approx: 695KB
Malaysia PDF Approx: 312KB PDF Approx: 285KB
Mongolia PDF Approx: 707KB PDF Approx: 275KB
New Zealand PDF Approx: 457KB PDF Approx: 2.07MB
Philippine PDF Approx: 435KB PDF Approx: 2.31MB
Thailand PDF Approx: 1.01MB PDF Approx: 448KB
Thailand PDF Approx: 640KB PDF Approx: 841KB
Turkey PDF Approx: 416KB PDF Approx: 711KB
Vietnam PDF Approx: 3.50MB PDF Approx: 1.77MB
Vietnam PDF Approx: 238KB PDF Approx: 837KB

Keynote / Guest Speech II

JPX initiatives and how we cooperate for the Asian securities market

  • Mr. Akira Kiyota, Director & Representative Executive Officer, Group CEO, Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

Panel Discussions I

Optimum regulation in the changing environment


  • Mr. Paul Hunter, Secretary General, IBA Japan


  1. Mr. David Lynch, CEO, AFMA
  2. Ms. Pattera Dilokrungthirapop, Chairperson, ASCO
  3. Mr. Carter McDowell, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, SIFMA
  4. Mr. Dongchul Shin, Director, KOFIA Presentation (PDF Approx: 439KB)
  5. Ms. Alision Parent, Executive Director, Global Financial Markets Association

Keynote / Guest Speech III

Asian Financial Markets - 20 Years since the Asian Financial Crisis, and Prospects for the Next 20 Years -

  • Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor, Bank of Japan Presentation (PDF Approx: 245KB)

Panel Discussions II

Asia’s future: Capital markets’ roles to achieve sustainable growth


  • Yusuke Kawamura, Member of Self-regulation Board, JSDA/Deputy Chairman of the Institute, Daiwa Institute of Research, Ltd.


  1. Ms. Kaoru Nemoto, Director, United Nations Information Centre (UNIC Tokyo) Presentation (PDF Approx: 7.01MB)
  2. Mr. Mushtaq Kapasi, Chief Representative, ICMA Asia Pacific Representative Office Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.51MB) Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.73MB)
  3. Dr. Changqiong Ouyang, Executive Vice Chairman, SAC
  4. Mr. Narinder Wadhwa, Managing Director, ANMI Presentation (PDF Approx: 8.61MB)

Panel Discussions III

Fintech updates


  • Mr. Yuta Seki, Senior Managing Director, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research


  1. Mr. Toshio Taki, Board Director and Head of Fintech Institute, Money Forward Inc. Presentation (PDF Approx: 1.51MB)
  2. Mr. Rashid Ismail, Chairman, ASCM Presentation (PDF Approx: 530KB)
  3. Mr. Daniel Cheng, First VP, Digital Financial Service Department, Fubon Securities (CTSA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.74MB)

Panel Discussions IV

Expanding the investor base


  • Mr. Satoshi Nojiri, Head of Fidelity Investor Education Institute Presentation (PDF Approx: 364KB)


  1. Ms. Kathryn Edmundson, Executive Director, International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE)
  2. Mr. Octavianus Budiyanto, Chairperson, APEI Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.89MB)
  3. Mr. Anurag Bansal, Vice Chairman, BBF Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.14MB)
  4. Mr. Paul Atmore, Chief Executive Officer, NZFMA Presentation (PDF Approx: 1.69MB) Presentation (PDF Approx: 329KB)  
  5. Mr. Hieu Nguyen, General Director, Rong Viet Securities Corporation (VASB)