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Annual General Meeting

The 23rd ASF Annual General Meeting in Bali in October 2018

Opening Remarks

  • Mr. Karman Pamurahardjo, Coordinating Chairman, Association of Indonesian Securities Companies (APEI)

Keynote Speech

  • Mr. Hoesen, Executive Chairman of Capital Market, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

Market report

Country Report Presentation
Asia PDF Approx: 376KB PDF Approx: 1.53MB
Australia PDF Approx: 594KB PDF Approx: 474KB
China PDF Approx: 168KB PDF Approx: 398KB
Taiwan PDF Approx: 793KB PDF Approx: 788KB
India PDF Approx: 983KB
India PDF Approx: 703KB PDF Approx: 760KB
Japan PDF Approx: 455KB PDF Approx: 2.28MB
Korea PDF Approx: 1.21MB PDF Approx: 1.07MB
Mongolia PDF Approx: 474KB PDF Approx: 1.56MB
New Zealand PDF Approx: 608KB PDF Approx: 469KB
Philippine PDF Approx: 113KB PDF Approx: 1.46MB
Russia PDF Approx: 699KB
Singapore PDF Approx: 551KB PDF Approx: 1.04MB
Thailand PDF Approx: 916KB PDF Approx: 548KB
Thailand PDF Approx: 1.03MB
Turkey PDF Approx: 768KB PDF Approx: 745KB
Vietnam PDF Approx: 332KB PDF Approx: 1.29MB

Panel Discussions 1

Fintech Opportunities and Challenges for Securities Companies


  • Mr. Mushtaq Kapasi, Chief Representative, Asia-Pacific, International Capital Market Association


  1. Ms. Youci Meng, Vice Chairman, Securities Association of China (SAC)
  2. Ms. Mei Ling Kuo (Lynn Kuo), Executive Vice President, Capital Securities Corp., Convenor of FinTech Task Force, Chinese Taiwan Securities Association (CTSA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.90MB)
  3. Mr. Tran Hai Ha, General Director of MB Securities Joint Stock Company (MBS), Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB) Presentation (PDF Approx: 3.12MB)
  4. Mr. Luke Lim, Managing Director, Phillip Securities, Deputy Chairman, Securities Association of Singapore (SAS)

Panel Discussions 2

Regulatory Framework for Fintech and Investor Protection


  • Mr. Nguyen Hieu, General Director of Viet Dragon Securities Corporation, Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB)


  1. Mr. I Made B. Tirthayatra, Deputy Director of Investment Management Licensing, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Presentation (PDF Approx: 1.45MB)
  2. Mr. Robert Colquhoun, Company Secretary, Financial Contoroller and Director, Policy, Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 380KB)
  3. Ms. Kathryn Edmundson, Executive Director, International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE)
  4. Mr. Uttam Bagri, Chairman, Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers’ Forum (BBF)

Panel Discussions 3

The Unintended Consequences of Global Regulation - MiFID, GDPR, EU BMR


  • Mr. David Lynch, CEO, Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 499KB)


  1. Mr. Paul Atmore, CEO, New Zealand Financial Markets Association (AFMA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.42MB)
  2. Mr. Dongchul Shin, Director, Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 603KB)

Panel Discussions 4

Capital Market Commitment to SDGs


  • Mr. Yusuke Kawamura, Member of Self-regulation Board, JSDA, Deputy Chairman of the Institute, Daiwa Institute of Research, Ltd Presentation (PDF Approx: 434KB)


  1. Mr. Mushtaq Kapasi, Chief Representative, Asia-Pacific, International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Presentation (PDF Approx: 548KB)
  2. Ms. Lise Pretorius, Sustainable Engagement Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
  3. Mr. Y.W. Junardy, President, Indonesia Global Compact Network Presentation (PDF Approx: 2.08MB)

Bali Declaration on Commitment to SDGs

  • Mr. Shigeharu Suzuki, Chairman and CEO, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
    • For more Information, visit JSDA's website