ASF’s Commitment to Promote the SDGs New

The ASF is committed to the global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the UN.

ASF Bali Declaration on Commitment to SDGs

On November 2, 2018, the ASF adopted the Bali Declaration on Promotion of SDGs at the 23rd Annual General Meeting held in Bali as the first concerted effort of the ASF towards promoting the SDGs, demonstrating the strong commitment by the ASF Member organizations towards the common goals.

ASF Bali Declaration on Commitment to SDGs (Full Text)

Press Release

ASF Survey on the Status of ESG Finance in the Asia-Pacific Region

The newly established ASF Working Group for Promotion of SDGs conducted a survey on SDGs with special focus on the status of ESG and sustainable finance in the ASF member jurisdictions. The survey, aiming to collect information on ESG investment in the region in a manner that can be compared across borders, was compiled and polished in August 2019.

Press Release

Summary (Infographic)

The Status of SDGs/ESG in the Asia-Pacific Region (Full Text)

Additional materials provided by members

Follow-Up Session on ASF’s SDG-Related Initiatives (ASF AGM 2019)