Panel Discussion 1

Risk Perception in Derivative Products – A Global Study

Panel Discussion 2

Roles of SRO’s and Trade Associations in the Securities Market

  1. Mr. Yusuke Kawamura, Deputy Chairman of the Institute, Daiwa Institute of Research, Ltd/ Public Board Member of Self-regulation Board, JSDA
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 377KB)

Panel Discussion 3

Restoring Faith and Widening Participation of Investors

  1. Mr. Sung Uk Yang, Director of International Affairs Dept., KOFIA
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1030KB)

Panel Discussion 4

Opportunities from Cross Border Listing, Trade and Investments

  1. Mr. Yoshio Okubo, Vice Chairman, JSDA
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 387KB)
  2. Mr. Qian Longhai, President, China First Capital Securities Co.
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1100KB)
  3. Dr. Gang Shyy, Chairman of R&D Committee, TSA
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 680KB)


Our private forum for discussions between ASF members about Asia-Pacific securities markets and industries