Keynote Speakers

Mr. Sush-Der Lee, Chairman, Taiwan Stock Exchange
Speaking notes (PDF Approx: 2,976KB)
Mr. Takatoshi Kato, President, Japan Center for International Finance & Former Vice Minister, Finance for International Affairs of Japan & Former Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Speaking notes (PDF Approx: 595KB)
Mr. Chi Schive, Minister, Executive Yuan
Speaking notes (PDF Approx: 982KB)
Mr. Stephen Po, Senior Director, Intermediaries Supervision, Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) & Chairman, IOSCO Committee 3 on the Regulation of Market Intermediaries.
Speaking notes (PDF Approx: 116KB)

Panel Discussion 1

Cross-Border Cooperation – Models and Benefit

  1. Mr. Michael Lin, President, Taiwan Stock Exchange
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 604KB)
  2. Dr. Naresh Maheshwari, Director, Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI), CPAI & member of SEBI advisory committee
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 2,250KB)
  3. Ms. Pattera Dilokrungthirapop, Chairperson, Association of Thai Securities Companies (ASCO)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 627KB)
  4. Mr. Jeffrey Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities Association (HKSA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 426KB)

Panel Discussion 2

Securities Industry Outlook

  1. Mr. Mark Wei, Chairman, KGI Securities Co., Ltd.,
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 252KB)
  2. Mr. David Lynch, Executive Director, Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 259KB)
  3. Mr. Attila Köksal, Chairman, Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Brokers (TSPAKB)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 113KB)
  4. Ms. Lily Widjaja, Chairperson, Association of Indonesian Securities Companies (APEI)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 107KB)

Panel Discussion 3

Financial Investment Promotion and Incentives

  1. Mr. Cheng-Mount Cheng, President, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 565KB)
  2. Mr. Koichi Ishikura, Executive Chief of Operations for International Headquarters, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 303KB)
  3. Mr. Kwak Byung Chan, Assistant Director of International Affairs, Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 837KB)
  4. Mr. Mark Austen, CEO, Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA)
  5. Mr. Chew Sutat, Executive Vice President, Singapore Exchange (SGX)


Our private forum for discussions between ASF members about Asia-Pacific securities markets and industries