Regional Report: Developments & Challenges in Asian Capital Market

Mr. Seiwoon Hwang, Chief Economist, Korea Capital Market Institute
Presentation (PDF Approx: 825KB)

Keynote Speech: The Role of Market-based Financing in Growth-Emerging Markets

Mr. Stephen Po, Senior Director, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Presentation (PDF Approx: 96KB)

Panel Discussion 1

Pension Assets: Aging Society and Its Implication on Asian Capital Market


Mr. Anthony Serhan, Managing Director, Morningstar
Presentation (PDF Approx: 709KB)

  1. Mr. Koichi Ishikura, Director, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 851KB)
  2. Mr. Paul Atmore, CEO, New Zealand Financial Markets Association Inc. (NZFMA)
  3. Mr. Robert Colquhoun, Director, Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA)

Panel Discussion 2

Innovations in Investor Education Programs and Delivery Strategies


Ms. Kathryn Edmundson, Executive Director, International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE)

  1. Mr. Fumiaki Miyahara, Senior General Manager, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 2,141KB)
  2. Mr. Peter S. Chandler, Director, FINRA Foundation
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 625KB)
  3. Mr. Osman Ilker Savuran, Assistant Secretary-General, Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 3,506KB)
  4. Mr. Krisada Sektrakul, Director, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 62,391KB)

Open Seminar: Panel Discussion 1

Increasing Volatility in Chinse Market: How Can Asia’s Capital Markets Cope with This?


Mr. Alex Ng, Chief Investment Officer, BNP Paribas
Presentation (PDF Approx: 1,231KB)

  1. Ms. Rebecca Terner Lentchner, Executive Director, Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA)
  2. Mr. Peixing Jiang, Deputy Director, Securities Association of China (SAC)
  3. Mr. Naresh Maheshwari, Director, Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI)
  4. Mr. Seiwoon Hwang, Chief Economist, Korea Capital Market Institute

Expanding the Role of Asian Capital Market after the Introduction of AIIB

  1. Ms. Yu Hua An, President, China Securities Administration Institute
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1,757KB)

Open Seminar: Panel Discussion 2

Overseas Expansion of Asian Securities Companies: Differentiated Strategies and Target Destination


Mr. Hwa-Jin Kim, Professor of Law, Seoul National University
William W. Cook, Global Law Professor, University of Michigan

  1. Mr. Bobby Hwang, CEO, Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 1,678KB)
  2. Mr. Takuya Furuya, Representative Director, Nomura Financial Investment Korea Co., Ltd.,
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 533KB)
  3. Mr. Keat Jing Goh, Managing Director, Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd
  4. Mr. Benny Mau, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities Association (HKSA)
    Presentation (PDF Approx: 408KB)


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