Opening of Meeting and Welcome Remarks

Mr. Toshio Morita, Chairman and CEO of Japan Securities Dealers Association

Admission of New Members for 2020 to 2021

Mr. Bahodir Atakhanov, Chairman of National Association of Investment Institution
Presentation by NAII (PDF Approx: 777KB)

Discussion 1

Challenges and Initiatives towards Sustainable Society in Asia

Discussion amongst ASF members

Discussion 2

Challenges and Initiatives towards Digital Transformation in Asia

Discussion amongst ASF members
  • Introduction of the trend of digital transformation in the financial sector and its challenges by AFMA and ANMI
    Presentation by AFMA (PDF: Approx 790KB)
  • Discussion about recent develoments and prospects in other regions
Any Other Business and Close of Meeting
  • Members welcome to raise any issues they want to discuss


Our private forum for discussions between ASF members about Asia-Pacific securities markets and industries